Social Media Tip – Use Images of Animals

Social Media Tip – Use Images of Animals

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Social Media Tip – Use Animals in Images to Increase Engagement

Animals trigger an immediate emotional response in a social media user.  Using animals in your images will provide you with an increase in engagement and reach because when we see a picture of an animal it triggers an emotional response in us humans!

It is every marketers goal to make an emotional connection with their audience.  Animals help with this goal.

Brands are increasingly using animals in their advertising strategies.  CIBC – Penguins.  Telus – Iguana.  etc etc.  The reason should be obvious – most of us LOVE animals.  Especially cute little puppies, kittens, and more.  I personally love owls and koalas.

Animals are also often used in popular logos for this reason too.

And who could possibly resist an piglet in little boots?

Experiment with different animals or select one and make it a consistent part of your strategy!

During the holidays you can use images of animals and pets to trigger a connection with your audience using graphics such as the following:

use animals in your social media posts to increase engagement


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