Social Media Trends for 2020

Social Media Trends for 2020

Social Media Trends for 2020

Social Media Trends for 2020 – The Rise of Ephemeral Content

Social Media Trends for 2020 – The Increase of Ephemeral Content


Now that we are ending the year 2019, and entering into a new decade, many of digital marketers, including myself, are racing to stay on top of trends and try to predict what will be the next big thing.  Think about all of the changes to digital marketing in the past 10 years.  It’s almost unfathomable to think that Instagram was just launched at the end of 2010!  Now it is the second largest social media network in the World!  Heading into a new year and a new decade what are some of the trends we might want to consider including in our marketing strategy?

This is the first blog post in my new series:  Social Media Trends for 2020

In 2020 I believe there will be a continuing increase in the consumption of ephemeral content.

Ephemeral content is a type of social media content that is only available for a limited amount of time, and then disappears.  Such as Instagram or Facebook stories, or Snapchat posts.  

Today, people’s attention spans are short and the way they like to consume content has also changed. This is why content formats like Stories have become popular. They are short, engaging, and addictive in a way that people can spend hours scrolling through one Story after another.

According to a recent report by Hootsuite, 64% of marketers either already have incorporated Instagram Stories into their strategies or plan to.  This is because of the rapidly increasing statistics Instagram is reporting – over 500 million active daily story users. This will only continue to grow into 2020 and beyond.

Stories are a perfect way to get the attention, for a few valuable seconds, of an audience that loves authentic creative content.  Stories are a great way to add a touch of humanity to your social media using emojis, videos, and stickers.  

Smart brands and businesses will make this a greater focus in their 2020 marketing strategy if they want to have a higher level of success reaching their audiences, and increasing engagement.

Daily Instagram Story Users

daily instagram story users

Instagram stories

How Your Business Can Use Stories in your Marketing


If you are going to start using stories in your social media marketing strategy I suggest you consider the following points:


How many times are you going to post to stories?   The average brand reports sharing to stories approx 3 times per week.  It is important to make this a consistent part of your strategy, if you are going to commit to this, then showing up on stories on a regular basis will be more successful than just posting once in a while.  Consistency is key.


Are you going to share existing social media content and repurpose it to create a story?  I’m going to be honest I find this the easiest process.  Most social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook make this really easy too.  Plus they have added features such as stickers, backgrounds, animation and more.  Using these cool little “effects” is fun and makes your story look more interesting.  Its a great way to increase engagement and become more memorable.

If you are going to create custom stories I suggest you use Canva.  They have pre – created templates for Instagram / Facebook stories and this makes it very easy to share creative content.

You can also repost others content to your story.

Make your Stories Last!  On Instagram there is a cool “Highlight” feature which will save your story to your profile.

So in summary friends, I would like to say I hope that you don’t find this overwhelming that I’m suggesting now you need to be on top of an entirely new social media task, but I think if you consider the numbers and the results you will find it beneficial to your business to move with this growing trend.


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