Strategy Planning to Meet Business Goals

Strategy Planning to Meet Business Goals

Strategy Plan to Meet Business Goals


Strategy Planning to Meet Business Goals

As a business owner you may be surprised how the exercise of strategy planning to meet your business goals can help elevate you faster towards success.

Yesterday I made the suggestion that each and every business no matter how big or small should take a moment to clearly define their goals.

Goals should be measurable, specific, and timely.

Today my business tip is to develop a strategy (or set of strategies) to work towards achieving your goals.

Your business may have many goals, and levels of goals.  From high level such as making more profit to more specific goals like increasing the sales of one certain product.

Then with each GOAL you define you can develop a matching STRATEGY to work towards achieving your goal.  


A Strategy is defined as:

a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim



What actions do you need to take to work towards achieving your goal?  I can help your business come up with a PLAN OF ACTION to help you achieve your business GOALS using the powerful tools of the internet including your Website, Search Results, and Social Media.  Having a well written Strategy Plan will give you focus and help you follow through to the next stages of implementation to experience success!


Goal – to increase incoming Business to Business Sales leads by 25 new ones monthly in 2019.

Strategy – where are B2B clients?  LinkedIN is a great place to generate leads for B2B.  So if my goal is to generate 25 leads per month from LinkedIN I can come up with a plan of action to work on my LinkedIN account daily and connect with 20 new potential prospects each day, in addition to sharing relevant active content.  I know from experience that connecting with approx 100 new contacts per month results in 2 new leads.  Therefore to generate 25 new leads I need to connect with 1250 new relevant accounts – or 42 daily.  My sales strategy on LinkedIN includes making a custom introduction to each new connection and trying to start up a conversation.

Another Example:

Goal – to improve my search engine visibility on Google

This is a pretty open ended goal with lots of strategies attached to it which may include:

  • On site optimization
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Google My Business posts
  • Link Building / Back Links / Directory Submissions
  • Blog Writing

So in this case there is more than one strategy (or plan of action) to achieve or work towards the one goal.

I LOVE discussing Strategy.  If you have any goals you would like to discuss please never hesitate to reach out.  I love to help other business owners if I can.


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