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out of sight out of mind

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Do not let your business go silent on social media. Be sure to have a consistent content strategy where you are showing up on a regular basis on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so your business does not become out of mind.

how to pick a name for your business

How to Pick a Name for your Business

How to Pick a Name for your Business How to Pick a Name for your Business.  If you are about to venture into launching your very own business – this is a very exciting time – and congratulations!  If you are already in business but are perhaps struggling a little bit with your identity -…
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be more visable

How to be more visible ONLINE

How to be more Visible ONLINE How to be more visible online. Good morning friends! I have been working with a business coach (can you tell yet?), and I was recently inspired by something she said about being more visible. It was like a lightbulb has gone on inside my brain that reiterates the fact…
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know your audience

Identify Your Audience

Social Media Tip: Identify Your Audience As part of a strategy session I had yesterday with a non-profit organization we had lengthy discussions about WHO they were trying to target with their messaging. It reminded me how important it is to clearly identify your audience before you implement any sort of marketing campaigns. My 3…
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The 3 Most Important Branding Foundations for your Business

The 3 Most Important Branding Foundations

The 3 Most Important Branding Foundations  Understanding the 3 most important branding foundations for your business can help you build up and out your business marketing strategy.  There is a reason that companies invest thousands of dollars on branding. It leads to having a consistent message that brings their business to top of mind with…
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what is your why

What is your Why

What is your WHY? 6 Questions You can Ask to Help you Define your Why. I am currently going through an indepth business and personal transformation. The Online Business System program I am taking is with Suzanne Longstreet, founder of Success and Clarity The most recent video in the series talked about identifying your WHY,…
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marketing for non profits

Non Profit Goal: How to Educate the General Public using Social Media

Educate the General Public About your Organization Article#6/8 of my Non-Profit Series. “How Social Media can Make the World a Better Place.” Day105/365 Daily Posts, Tips and Articles. Thanks so much for dropping by. I was inspired to write this series based on a suggestion by someone I connected with on Twitter. I have worked…
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