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Non Profit Feature Hilton’s Heroes

It is truly amazing how the universe works.  I grew up in a home environment that was financially insecure, and my family had to access the services of our local food bank here in Orangeville.  When I grew up and shortly after I started my business, Dufferin Media, which offered social media management services to…
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non profit feature good will karma

Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma

Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma This heartwarming story was brought to our attention by the non profit organization All Paws Rescue based out of Brampton, Ontario. All Paws Rescue is a non-profit organization that helps rescue animals – founder Michelle Borg and her team take in strays, the sick, the unwanted, nurses them back to…
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Non profit feature All Paws Rescue Cat Rescue Toronto

Non Profit Feature All Paws Rescue

The team at Dufferin Media was super excited to launch for the second year our “Adopt A Charity Campaign” where we offer a full year of digital marketing services to a deserving non-profit organization. This year we received 66 nominations, more than triple from 2018.  The campaign was spread virally on social media around the…
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non profit feature

Non-Profit Feature: Hats on Dufferin

Recently while volunteering at the Orangeville Food Bank on a Tuesday morning, one of the clients came to me and advised quietly “Excuse me but you are all out of hats in that basket out there”.  So I went and asked around – how do we go about getting more of those lovely hand made…
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cruisers sports

Non Profit Feature: Cruisers Sports

Non Profit Feature: Cruisers Sports Cruisers Sports To enhance the quality of life for individuals with physical disabilities through sport and recreational activity. The weekend of November 1st was the Cruiser’s Cup in Brampton Ontario.  I had the chance to attend this amazing event with my common law partner, Rob, who has just recently joined…
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Non Profit Feature The ORangeville Food Bank

Non Profit Feature: The Orangeville Food Bank

Non Profit Feature: The Orangeville Food Bank Good morning friends thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m excited to feature the non profit organization that is nearest and dearest to my heart – the Orangeville Food Bank. I started volunteering at the Orangeville Food Bank 6 years ago when I noticed that they could…
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non profit feature kids of courage

Non-Profit Feature: Kids of Courage

Kids of Courage Good morning lovely friends. Thank you for stopping by to read my weekly feature on a non-profit organization that is doing good in this world. I would like to thank Eli Langer for recommending this week’s feature via Twitter. Each week I will be doing a new blog post about a non-profit…
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Toronto Rent Bank

Non Profit Feature: Toronto Rent Bank

Non Profit Feature : Toronto Rent Bank Last December the team at Dufferin Media adopted a charity for a full year of digital marketing services and we chose the Neighbourhood Information Post. This organization has a number of programs that help with the most vulnerable residents of one of Toronto’s lowest income neighbourhoods. We unanimously…
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help vulnerable people by sharing resources

Help Vulnerable People by Sharing Resources on Social Media

How your Charity can Help Vulnerable People using Social Media Day #106/365. Article #7/8 in my Non Profit Series: This topic hits home for me. I’m on the front lines at the Food Bank every week, talking to members of our community that are suffering from poverty, hunger, illness, mental illness, unemployment, abuse, divorce, and…
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non profit series how to use social media to communicate with government on key issues

How to use Social Media to Communicate with Government on Key Issues

Communicate with Government Bodies using Social Media Day#104/365. Article #5/8 of my Non Profit Series. Catch all of the articles here: https://sarahclarke.biz/category/non-profit-series/ Today I’d like to discuss how your charity or non-profit organization can use your social media channels to communicate with Government at various levels. Your non-profit may or may not receive funding from…
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