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Do you have goals for May?

What is your goal for May?

Day #126/365 : Always Set Goals! It’s already May 10th – but just wondering if you set a goal for your business or for yourself personally each month? Perhaps you have goals on how many new social media followers you would like for the month on each platform? I always set a sales goal in…
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how to peak interest and consideration in your sales funnel

How to Peak Interest and Consideration in your Sales Funnel using Social Media

How to Peak Interest and Consideration Day#115/365 Article #3/8 in my Marketing Funnel Series. Today based on the example of a sales and marketing funnel below I am going to explore how you can use Social Media to peak interest and consideration in your business. In my previous article I wrote about creating Awareness using…
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create an ideal customer avatar

Marketing Tip: Create a Customer Avatar

What is a Customer Avatar and How Can You Use it in Marketing Before you can effectively start target marketing to your ideal client it is super useful to create a customer avatar. What is an ideal customer avatar? An avatar is a profile showing the traits, characteristics and pain points of your ideal customer.…
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public relations tip

PR TIP Always Share your news stories with media!

Public Relations Tip: Always share your news with the media – they can’t cover what they don’t know about! Tip #43 / 365 : Public Relations Tip – If your business or organization has something new or newsworthy be sure to share this information with local media outlets. The media cannot cover what they don’t…
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How to use Paid Boosts on Facebook for Better Results to your Page

Facebook Tip: Use Paid Boosts to Increase Results

Facebook Tip: Use Paid Boosts to Get more Likes, Comments, Followers to your Facebook Page Tip of the Day #40 / 365….Allocate a budget for paid boosts on Facebook. Even a small budget will keep your page growing. It just isn’t enough on Facebook any more to hope for free growth. Some growth you will…
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Why You Should Never Cross-Post Content on Social Meida
how to define your business brand