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helping nonprofits in Kenya

Update on the Child I am Sponsoring from Kenya – A Christmas Gift for Teddy

In a recent conversation that I was having with Dave Hatfield, founder of the Living Stone Global Foundation, he mentioned how in the community right now because of the extreme poverty caused by Covid, the needs of the children and the families have really switched back to the basic necessities of life.  As school staff were venturing out to…
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Sponsoring a child from Kenya

Introducing Byron

Hey Everyone – Please meet Byron.  This little boy is from Kenya and lives in a community on a dump site.  I have made the decision to sponsor Byron and I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you.   “Byron is 7 years old. He is in Grade 1. He joined us in…
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Non Profit Feature Hilton’s Heroes

It is truly amazing how the universe works.  I grew up in a home environment that was financially insecure, and my family had to access the services of our local food bank here in Orangeville.  When I grew up and shortly after I started my business, Dufferin Media, which offered social media management services to…
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non profit feature good will karma

Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma

Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma This heartwarming story was brought to our attention by the non profit organization All Paws Rescue based out of Brampton, Ontario. All Paws Rescue is a non-profit organization that helps rescue animals – founder Michelle Borg and her team take in strays, the sick, the unwanted, nurses them back to…
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non profit feature

Non Profit Feature: Neighbourhood Information Post (Toronto)

Non Profit Feature : Neighbourhood Information Post (Toronto) Good morning friends, thank you so much for stopping by to visit my website today and to read this article on a non profit organization that is doing incredible work to make the lives of vulnerable people better. Neighbourhood Information Post (NIP) is an organization located in…
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Toronto Rent Bank

Non Profit Feature: Toronto Rent Bank

Non Profit Feature : Toronto Rent Bank Last December the team at Dufferin Media adopted a charity for a full year of digital marketing services and we chose the Neighbourhood Information Post. This organization has a number of programs that help with the most vulnerable residents of one of Toronto’s lowest income neighbourhoods. We unanimously…
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World Hunger Day

May 28th World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day May 28th is World Hunger Day. As many of you know poverty and hunger is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. I raised in a financially insecure environment, and I witness poverty and hunger in my community every week. At my local food bank I am given a…
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help vulnerable people by sharing resources

Help Vulnerable People by Sharing Resources on Social Media

How your Charity can Help Vulnerable People using Social Media Day #106/365. Article #7/8 in my Non Profit Series: This topic hits home for me. I’m on the front lines at the Food Bank every week, talking to members of our community that are suffering from poverty, hunger, illness, mental illness, unemployment, abuse, divorce, and…
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marketing for non profits

Non Profit Goal: How to Educate the General Public using Social Media

Educate the General Public About your Organization Article#6/8 of my Non-Profit Series. “How Social Media can Make the World a Better Place.” Day105/365 Daily Posts, Tips and Articles. Thanks so much for dropping by. I was inspired to write this series based on a suggestion by someone I connected with on Twitter. I have worked…
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share good news stories

Share Good News Stories and Inspire Others to Do Good.

Day #100 of Daily Tips & Articles. This is article #2/8 in my “Non-Profit Series” HOW SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE — USED TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE Share Good News Stories and Inspire Others to do Good Social Media is a powerful communication tool that can be used to share GOOD news stories.…
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