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5 benefits of making your website accessible

5 Benefits of Making Your Website Accessible

Over one BILLION people in the world experience some form of disability.  Accessibility impacts us all.  And this is true online.  Let’s explore what web accessibility is and 5 benefits of making your website accessible. What is Web Accessibility? Web accessibility is the process to ensure that a website can be used by ANYONE.  More…
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how do you value your digital assets

How do you Value your Digital Assets?

How do you Value your Digital Assets? When you think of the assets of your business you might list things from your balance sheet such as: cash on hand inventory building furniture & equipment goodwill Or qualitative items such as strong team great product environmentally friendly What About The Value of Your Digital Assets? What…
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5 Benefits to Blogging

5 Benefits Of Blogging

5 Benefits to Blogging 5 Benefits to Blogging If one of your goals is to increase the natural search engine traffic to your website, to increase general traffic and engage readers more, than blogging is a strategy that will help you achieve these goals. Whether you are a solo-preneur, a small business, or a large…
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website tip test your website forms on a regular basis

Website Tip Check Your Online Forms

Why use a Website Form? 50% of marketers say inbound marketing strategies, such as onsite forms, are their primary source of leads.** Lead generation is the number one use of online forms.  Whether this is simply your “contact” form, or more advanced lead generation forms on your landing pages – a website form is the…
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SEO Tip Use Google Search Console