The 30% Rule For Planning Social Media Content

The 30% Rule For Planning Social Media Content

30% rule for social media

The 30% Rule For Planning Social Media Content

The 30% Rule For Planning Social Media Content

Do you struggle with how to best plan out your social media content so that it is not only engaging, but also helps grow your business?  Most entrepreneurs and business owners do.  That is why I highly suggest you consider using the 30% rule for planning social media content.  I have been using this method for over 10 years, and it is successful for any industry or platform.

There is no question that having a consistent and professional presence on social media is completely necessary in today's digital world for any business to succeed.  It is however very overwhelming for many business owners to figure out what to post in order to achieve their goals.  

Let me help you

What is the 30% Rule?

The 30% rule is something I learned early on in my social media management days when preparing social media content plans for clients at Dufferin Media.

It is really quite simple.  The idea is that there are essentially 3 types of social media posts.

 1.  Social

2. Educational

3. Sales

Then we apply the concept that for social media we should post a healthy mix of 30% Social Posts, 30% Educational Posts, and 30% Sales Posts.  The remaining 10% can be used creatively as best suits the business goals.

If you are creating a content calendar then where you are posting daily, you might then create an outline as follows:

Monday - Social

Tuesday - Informative

Wednesday - Sales

Thursday - Social

Friday - Informative

Saturday - Sales

Sunday - Social

You could then pull this out into a month in a word doc or spreadsheet, and create content in advance for the coming week or month.  I find this helpful because then I can clearly see how many sales posts I need to create and I usually do them first, then move on to informative, then social (because it's the most fun!).  And if you include Blogs as part of your content marketing strategy the good news for you is that many of your social media posts will already be filled from your blog content.

7 days of social media

What Are "Social" Posts?

Social Media is called "social" because it is meant to be a platform where people can connect and engage with each other in a SOCIAL WAY.  Social style posts are meant to be just that - engaging posts where humans are interacting with other humans.  The benefit of posting "Social" style posts are to encourage engagement, build reach, grow your community, and generate or join conversations.

Examples of "Social" Posts include:

  • Ask a question
  • Share a behind the scenes photo
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Celebrate a team member birthday
  • Share a picture of your pet
  • Do a poll
  • Jokes / Memes
  • Feature a local small business or charity
  • Throw Back Thursday
  • Fun Video (Hence why TikTok is so popular)
  • Celebrate a Holiday or National Day

What Are "Informative" Posts?

Informative posts, or educational posts are intended to share useful information with your audience.  If you have identified who your ideal client or target audience is, and then identified what their pain points are - the next natural step would be to help them solve this problem.  You can use social media to achieve this goal.  By sharing tips, tricks, articles, that help your ideal client resolve their problems and have a better life, you are setting you business up for success.  

This is also a way to showcase your knowledge in your industry and set yourself up as an expert in your field.

Examples of "Informative" Posts Include:

  • Blog Posts - yours
  • Blog Posts - others
  • Podcasts
  • Fun Fact
  • Tips
  • How to Videos
  • #DYK (did you know) posts
  • Infographics
  • Links to industry articles

What are "Sales" Posts?

Sales posts on social media are exactly what you think.  This is the chance to showcase to the World your products, services, events etc with the goal of selling.  The trick here to remember is you might not always experience immediate ROI.  The average number of times that someone needs to see content in a digital world to even retain it to memory is 11-17 times.  So the goal with sharing sales content on social media should be to consistently make potential customers aware of what you do and how to buy from you or hire you.  Consistency over time is where you will experience the wins.

I have found though success from offering promotions and sales via social media and experiencing a pretty quick response.  There are also industries that have no problem making immediate sales on social media when they make a sales post.

When creating a sales post you might consider using the Conversion Equation in your post:

  1. Catchy Headline (Interrupt)
  2. Subheadline - promise to educate
  3. Body - Educate - all of your information
  4. Offer with call to action

Examples of Sales Posts on Social Media

  • Product or service feature
  • New product or service
  • Promotion or flash sale
  • Event registration i.e. Webinar
  • Post to Sales Funnel / Drip Campaign or Freebie
  • Ask to join email newsletter

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Different types of social media content can work well for different businesses. What’s important is to mix up the kind of posts you share so that your audience doesn’t get bored or overwhelmed. Keep them inspired with aspirational posts, educate them with helpful tutorials and tips, and give them a reason to buy from you by sharing product sales announcements and discounts. Have you tried using all three of these kinds of social media content? If not, book a discovery call with me today and I can help you create a strategy that works for your business.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Found this super helpful, especially the clear definitions of social, sales and informative posts. It’s so easy to understand. I hope to start implementing soon. Thanks for putting this into the world.

    • sarahclarke says:

      Thank you Deborah, it certainly has helped me structure how I plan out content 🙂

  2. KEVIN FOODIE says:

    This I a very insighful and informative post. I am fairly new to the blog world. Everyday I feel like I just started. There are so many things to learn. Even though i blog part-time, I think I can still apply the 30% rule for content planning.

  3. AMAZING BABY says:

    Love this post! I realize I have been entertaining and educating but not selling
    ::cries softly in a corner::

    Will be making changes ASAP!

    • sarahclarke says:

      LOL I’m so glad this was helpful!

  4. Lauren says:

    This is a really helpful blog post, to help me make the most of my social media platforms. Thank you for sharing.


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