The Online Corner: The Benefits of Planning Ahead

The Online Corner: The Benefits of Planning Ahead

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The Online Corner: The Benefits of Planning Ahead

The Online Corner: The Benefits of Planning AheadThe Online Corner,

Submitted by Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist and Founder of Dufferin Media


The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Welcome to 2020.  A new year. A new decade.  Feels like a fresh new start - doesn’t it?  

This month from the Online Corner I would like to encourage you to feel this wonderful momentum in your life each and every day.  Especially I encourage you to make it a habit to have a good strategy for your life and for your business long term, not just because it is a new year or a new decade.  

You can implement changes in January - sure, but the key to success is to remain consistent in your actions every day all year.


This is a great time to review your GOALS.  SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based.  Having goals can help give you direction so that in every action that you take you are working on moving towards your goals.  When you are making decisions and plans, you can always have your goals in mind.

The other type of goals that you might like to think about are “Blue Sky” goals.  What are your dreams for your life? What are your dreams for your business? Its OK to dream!  Its a positive human experience and will allow energy to flow in that direction.


A strategy is a plan of action that is meant to bring you closer to your goals.

Having a good strategy means looking at the bigger picture.  Having long term goals with a long term strategy will allow you to be prepared and save you a lot of uncertainty and last minute struggles.  Having a plan saves time, energy and money.

If you are a business owner or manager, I encourage you to consider your marketing strategy both online and offline, and implement a plan for the entire year.  I use a marketing calendar that outlines each month what my marketing theme will be including a monthly blog post, promotion, and rough outline of my social media content.  I find this strategy helps me save time, and is more efficient and effective as opposed to randomly posting content and promotions last minute without a clear strategy.

Dufferin Media offers solutions for complete digital marketing management on a long term contract, and Snapd Dufferin / Caledon has quarterly and annual plans that will save you time and money and have amazing results!


Implementation is taking the actual actions required each day to stay on task and work on your strategy to bring you closer to your goals.

For example - you have a goal of saving $1500 this year so you can go on a trip somewhere hot and fabulous next winter.  Your strategy might be that you plan to save $30 each week and put into a separate bank account for your trip fund. Implementation is actually taking action and doing that bank transfer each week.


In closing I’d just like to share that following these steps:

Goals + Strategy + Implementation = Success and I wish you great success, happiness and joy in 2020!


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