Tips on Managing an Unmanageable Task List

Tips on Managing an Unmanageable Task List

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Tips on Managing an Unmanageable Task List

Tips on Managing an Unmanageable Task List.  I often feel completely overwhelmed by how many items are on my to do list. I am a mother of 3, run a busy household, have 2 dogs and a cat, and then I run a busy digital marketing agency that is expanding quickly. My tasks list honestly is ridiculous and I know I’m not alone in that feeling. So I’m circling back to some basic time management skills here and reminding myself how to manage my task list. I hope this review will give you some helpful tips on how to better manage your own.

Segregate your task list

This is a great tool for me – when I can separate and segregate my task list into different areas of my life. Personal. Kids. Household. Work. Work is always the largest, so then I further drill down my work task list to sections such as: Client Tasks, Financial Tasks, Business Development Tasks, etc. You can get creative with this and use different colours or post its. Or many people use their mobile device. There are lots of APPS for time management. Whatever works for you. I personally use a weekly agenda with the days of the week on the left hand side and a full page on the right for my task list.

Schedule your tasks!

Let’s be realistic, those tasks are in no way all getting done today. So what needs to be done NOW or TODAY and what can wait? To avoid procrastination I often try to schedule tasks I can’t get to today right into my calendar for later in the week.

Make a Daily To Do List

I then try to take my task list one day at a time or else my head might literally explode. What am I going to accomplish today? I make a reasonable list and when I start wandering off on distractions…….Facebook, email, etc. I can circle back to my list and work on the next item on my list.

Celebrate When you Finish a Task

This is the best part! You have completed a task WAHOO! I celebrate by crossing off that task from my daily task list and my master task list with a special Minions Marker.

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  1. Kaila says:

    Thanks for this! I have a toddler and one month old and life is HECTIC for me right now. I love these tips!

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