How to be more visible ONLINE

How to be more visible ONLINE

be more visable

How to be more Visible ONLINE

How to be more visible online.

Good morning friends! I have been working with a business coach (can you tell yet?), and I was recently inspired by something she said about being more visible. It was like a lightbulb has gone on inside my brain that reiterates the fact that in order to move Dufferin Media forward I personally need to become more visible, and the company needs to become more visible.

It is kind of like old school branding – where companies advertising budgets would include ads in every paper, on every billboard, on every radio station, on trucks, signs, etc. Advertising and marketing just doesn’t work like that any more in a way that is at all profitable. (In my opinion)

Today being more visible is about creating personal branding, building relationships and expanding on building the awareness of your personal brand and of your company brand. Perhaps even of your non-profit or charity. The more aware your target audience is of who you are, what you do, and how to find you, the more likely you are to accelerate the growth of your business.

How can you be more visible in your business and or through your personal brand….ONLINE?

Here are 3 ways that you use digital marketing to more visible online:


This goes back to the foundations. Identify your brand. Identify your goals. Identify your ideal client. Where might your ideal client or target be hanging out online? Make sure you have a presence there.

At the very least in my opinion have a website, be present on Google, and a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since those are the top 3 social media channels. Depending on your target other platforms might be applicable, i.e. Pinterest, LinkedIN, etc.

Set up, and optimize your profile on each of these platforms so that the business name, logo or headshot, and bio are all the same. Keep in mind using keywords in your social media profiles can be extremely good for SEO.


Post quality social media content on a consistent basis to stay top of mind ALWAYS. Consistency is key in maintaining and growing the awareness and the visibility of your business.

Remember the goal is to be MORE visible to move your business FORWARD. To grow, to earn new clients, to make more revenue.

If you ever take a break from your social media efforts you are taking a step BACK in your business. Certainly not the direction I want to be going.

Another quick win on social media is to use inexpensive paid ads to increase your reach and impressions. I’ve recently been using Twitter Ads with great success.


Social media is called “social” for a reason. So to have success, to be more visible, to move yourself and your business forward the more that you yourself are engaging on other peoples content – the more engagement you will get back. The higher your reach will be. The faster your audience will grow. Be engaging, be human, be authentic, support others in a respectful and kind way and you will be more visible.

The more visible you are, the more visible your company is and that will drive you FORWARD.


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  1. Amazing tips! Nowadays is hard to make business if you’re not in social networks. I totally agree engagement is the key! ?
    Thank you for sharing!

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