Top Free Photo Sites

Top Free Photo Sites

Top 5 Free Photo Sites for Social Media Content

Top Free Photo Sites

Amazing social media content requires amazing photos! So how do you get amazing photos! You can hire a professional photographer. And trust me – this investment IS worth it!!! Getting branding shots of yourself and your business that can repurposed on your website and social media will have a huge impact on increasing the reach and engagement of your efforts.

However I realize many don’t have access to professional photos, and quite frankly even if you do you will require other content sources too.

A social media post with a great photo will get more than 70% engagement and reach than a post that has either no photo or a poor quality graphic.

So let’s up your game! There are lots of paid resources for stock photos. But why pay……when there are also lots of FREE resources for FREE photos!!??

Here is my list of FREE Stock Photography Websites:


Canva is not only amazing for creating professional and easy social media content – it also has a vast library of free photography and graphic elements. Even if you do not have a premium Canva account – the free images available are all great quality.


This is probably one of my favourite resources for photos. Unsplash is a huge database of user submitted pictures. Many by budding photographers and professionals too. You have the option of giving credit to the photographer, but don’t have to.


I like Freepik because it has additional graphic resources in addition to photography. There are lots of graphic templates that can be used for multiple purposes. They have templates for infographics, text signs, presentations and more.


Pixabay is very similar to Unsplash. It is a free photography site where users submit photos for free use. BONUS***it also have video!! Pixabay also has graphics (not just photography). So bring your creativity with you!


Pexels was one of the first free photography sites that I used for content. It is again similar to Unsplash and Pixabay. The photos are user submitted, and free to use.



Pikwizard was launched in October 2017. It’s a great free stock photo and video site! The main selling point is you can take each image and edit it on graphic design tool, Design Wizard.

And the images of people are also great! There’s no attribution required.

Currently Pikwizard holds over 100,000 high quality images and videos. 

free photo site pikwizard

I hope that you found these resources helpful. There are other sources out there for free photos and stock images, but these are my “goto” when I’m looking for either content or inspiration.


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  1. The ones I haven’t heard of/used are Freepik and PicWizard so I will check those out — thanks!

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