Types of Sales Funnels

Types of Sales Funnels

types of sales funnels

Types of Sales Funnels

Types of Sales Funnels

Here are just a few examples of types of sales funnels that you might use to generate leads / sales.

The Free Sample Sales Funnel

This method of generating leads can actually be quite effective if you have something that you can offer for free that has value. It can capture leads and interest into your sales funnel. For example a skin care company may offer a free sample in exchange for an email. Or an SEO company may offer a free SEO Audit report.

You would set up an opt-in form on your website for this funnel and once you have the information and send the potential client their free offer you would follow up with a series of contacts in the hopes they will become a buying customer.

This can also work for service businesses if you offer consulting – you often see (as on my website) FREE 15 minute consultation!

The “Email” Newsletter Subscription Funnel

Some businesses that I work with their goal is to build up their email list and that is how they funnel in new clients. I do it myself with my blog – however I actually don’t use this as a way to generate leads. It can be effective if you are offering information of value to the new subscribers and not spamming them with multiple emails

Ecommerce Sales Funnel

Do you have an online store? Here is a great graphic demonstration of 3 types of Ecommerce Sales Funnels from Shopify

Here is another high level graphic of a marketing funnel

example of a marketing funnel

There are probably MILLIONS of different version of sales / marketing / conversion funnels. Generally they are similar in that they track a customers journey through your business process. The key at the high level planning that will ultimately help your business is to map out various sales funnels that are custom to your own business. Once you can “plan” for incoming sales funnels which you might also hear the term “Inbound Sales” you can better strategize your marketing efforts to improve each stage of action in your funnel.

I believe that the top channels of the funnel are the most important – Awareness and Interest. Followed closely by the after purchase stages (not shown here). **Keeping in touch with your existing clients, building loyalty and advocacy**

You can use social media tools to assist you in each stage of the process.

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