Watch Trending Hashtags

Watch Trending Hashtags

trending hashtags

Social Media Tip: Watch and Use Trending Hashtags

If one of your social media goals is to continually grow and increase your reach and engagement, then keeping an eye on Trending Hashtags would make an excellent addition to your strategy.  Using trending hashtags in the text of your social media text will help your posts get more reach and engagement.

First you need to be researching on a regular basis which hashtags are trending.  There are always standard hashtags that are going to be super popular like #love #beautiful #cute #TBT.  These are great to use in relevant posts.  However if you are on top of current trending hashtags your posts have an even better chance of getting more attention and perhaps even going viral.  I had a tweet go viral recently using a trending hashtag that received over 60,000 impressions – just on one post!

Where to find trending hashtags?  Well on Twitter – you can always click on “#Explore” from your desktop or the search icon from your mobile app – then click on “Trending”.  Twitter will show you what is currently trending – for you based on your location and activity.  An even better source is Tweepler:


Which shows in real time the top trending hashtags for your country.

Top Trending Hashtags on Instagram are a little harder to find in real time – and generally the same top hashtags are going to help you get more exposure.  Here is a resource for Top Hashtags on Instagram.

And as always if you are playing the Hashtag game on Instagram beware of BANNED HASHTAGS

There are currently hundreds of hashtags banned on Instagram.  Not to say they can’t be used on other platforms, but using them on Instagram will give you no benefit.  i.e. #HappyThanksgiving is banned on Instagram……


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