Ways to use Twitter for your Business

Ways to use Twitter for your Business

ways to use twitter for your business

Ways to use Twitter for your Business

If you are looking to increase awareness, engagement, and grow your business, then using Twitter for your business should certainly be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Twitter is my favourite social media platform.  I get the most engagement and results from Twitter hands down.  Through the use of Twitter Chats I have been able to grow my network of connections among other experts in the Digital Marketing industry.  And connecting with the #WritingCommunity has really helped me with ideas for writing, just as the #BloggersTribe has been instrumental on providing me with support for my blogs.


Twitter boasts 353 million monthly active users according to 2021 Hubspot Reports. Of these, more than 40 percent, or more specifically, 187 million, use the service on a daily basis and are considered "monetizable daily active users"

70% of the users on Twitter are male.  So if you are looking to speak to the male demographic, Twitter is a great place to be active.  It is also considered to be the #1 resource for news and B2B content.


I've asked some fellow Twitter users to share with me how they are using Twitter for the ongoing success of their business.  Below are their stories.

You will not that there is a pretty common thread - to be successful on Twitter it means being human, being engaging, and interacting with your audience in an authentic way.  THANK YOU to the collaborators.  It is always a pleasure to interact and support others online.

How One Red Cat Media is Using Twitter

Mike from OneRedCat Media

I was recently asked to speak on behalf of NSBI about the power of social media when it comes to selling and that opportunity came absolutely from the idea that I use my business twitter account to tell people real things about my real life. I also share pertinent professional info but there are a million and one options for people to find someone to build them a website or teach them how to use the internet. I want people to understand that I’m a REAL person who both succeeds and fails like a real person does and I try to make sure that that comes through.

"I Focus on Real Conversations on Twitter"

I also like to ask a lot more questions than many others in my field. I think that people get too much information and don’t have enough conversation and engagement and so I try my best to ask REAL questions about THEM, rather than just saying “ok everybody what’s the best social media tool that you use” which I just don’t find seems like a REAL conversation. I focus on real conversations while I really think it’s pretty clear in many online conversations that the person starting the conversations is not looking to engage, they’re just “like hunting”.

Finally, I really focus on making sure that I’m not perpetuating an echo chamber. I follow and engage with people and accounts that I don’t necessarily agree with all the time. I’m also absolutely willing to ask hard questions and support potentially contentious subjects. I absolutely teach my clients that if you’re going to talk politics, religion, etc, on your accounts, you need to understand that there are consequences. I find that in general, I’m able to use my beliefs and questions to generate real conversation and all this keeps me top of mind for people so that when they’re looking for someone they think of me first.

OneRedCat Media is a creative agency in Halifax, Nova Scotia focused on helping small and medium sized businesses find their place online. We help with content creation, curation, and distribution across multiple channels such as web, social, blogging, and podcasting. We help businesses establish where they should be, what they should do, and how they should do it.

Gail Robertson on using Twitter for her business

Gail Robertson - GailNow

I "discovered" Twitter as a networking tool  while working as a marketing manager and helping out at trade shows as a
brand ambassador.  I soon realized that Twitter was an extension of "in person" networking for people you have yet to meet.
As a connector - and former journalist - Twitter is used in my GailNow business for research, outreach, connecting to a wide range of people and certainly to raise a brand profile for myself and my clients.  
I  speak on the topic of curiosity and connecting and the power of weak ties so Twitter is a real time study of how to connect to people, build a brand and then develop business leads.  
I also use Twitter with clients for real time coverage which can then be used for posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.
(Sidenote:  As a former journalist I can see even greater potential for more brands to use Twitter to tell stories, connect and "cover" events. I am working on this as a longer term strategy for GailNow and I know Twitter will be a foundational tool) 
Gail Robertson has a degree in Journalism  and a Masters in Curiosity!
She has utilized her transferable skills as a Journalist at the Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator, St. Catharines Standard and the Windsor Star; a Bed and Breakfast owner; a fundraiser; a marketing manager and now owner of GailNow. 
She is a brand ambassador,  strategic marketing consultant and speaker. 
www.GailNow.com and @GailNow on Twitter 
How Paul Walker is using Twitter to connect with potential customers

Paul Walker - Paul Walker Photography

Pwalkerphotography uses Twitter to attract new followers and build relationships with potential customers. Paul only has 700 followers so have recently started using a new strategy that I picked up from a Twitter social media expert Julia Bramble bramblebuzz.co.uk.
I decide what message my tweet is designed to convey , eg. to encourage engagement, and then split that tweet into three parts and post separately along with associated photographs of my work to highlight the message.


A big thank you to Mike, Gail, and Paul for contributing to this article.  I'd love to do more like this in the future.  If you are interested in a collab please contact me via any of my social channels or my online contact form.

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If you are interested in collaborating please don't hesitate to reach out.  [email protected]





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  1. Twitter can be such a greaat platform to get to know new people and one where to have conversations while having a business! Agree with what Mike said, thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing, this is helpful! =) I love using twitter.

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      Twitter Is my absolute favourite!

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