Website Tip Check Your Online Forms

Website Tip Check Your Online Forms

website tip test your website forms on a regular basis

Website Tip Check Your Online Forms

If your website has any online forms, even a simple contact form it is highly recommended as a website tip to check your online forms on a regular basis.

Why use a Website Form?

50% of marketers say inbound marketing strategies, such as onsite forms, are their primary source of leads.**

Lead generation is the number one use of online forms.  Whether this is simply your “contact” form, or more advanced lead generation forms on your landing pages – a website form is the most common way to capture a potential client lead.

Website Tip:  Check your Online Forms

If your business has a website, and that website has any type of online form, there is a risk that the form completion process may not work.  Imagine a potential client is trying to reach out by filling out your online contact form – but you never receive it!  How much is that lost opportunity costing your business?

In addition if you are running any sort of lead generation campaigns and have separate sign up forms – there is a chance that these forms may be broken.

The form might not be sending you the information, the information might be going nowhere or the form might just be broken.

It is critical for your business to ensure that you are receiving accurate information on all of your contact and lead generation forms to maximize these very valuable leads.

Why Might a Website Form Not Work?

If your website has been created using a program like WordPress, then there are plugins and themes that need to be updated on a regular basis.  One of the most common website form errors occurs when  you are using a contact form widget in WordPress – and you have not updated that plugin.

Another reason that a form might not be working is that the settings have not been completed or set up accurately.  Often the online form system you are using comes with defaults that might be toggled to process the form in a way that needs to be updated.  For example – where is the completed form being sent?  

If you are using an external code to embed a form such as from Mailchimp or another external source – there are many possibilities as to why an online form might not work.

Test your Contact Forms

Test your contact forms and inquiry forms on your website and make sure you get them. Also check your spam folders to make sure your email service provider isn’t filtering any through spam.  Perhaps ask an associate or family member to also go through the process and give you feedback on their experience, not just to make sure that the form worked correctly and you received it, but also to make sure the user process made sense.


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