website tip make sure your social media links work

Website Tip: Make sure your Social Media Links WORK

Website Tip: Make sure your Social Media Links Work

website tip make sure your social media links work

еliminate buy isotretinoin Good morning lovely friends, thank you for stopping by. Today I am going to give you a helpful little tip that doesn’t take much time or effort but can have a large impact on your digital marketing results!

provide If you have a website, and if on that website there are buttons that are supposed to link out to your social media accounts…please double check that they are all setup and working correctly. I visit and audit many websites each week and this is honestly one of the most recurring errors that I see. If your social media links do not work then you are missing out on the chance for a visitor to connect with you on your social media channels and become one of your loyal community!

innovate In addition if the social media link doesn’t work quite frankly it doesn’t look very professional or trustworthy.

print Sometimes the company that set up your website for you will leave these blank waiting for you to advise them of the links – so they actually don’t go anywhere when clicked. In other instances I’ve seen them link out to other social media – wow big no-no!!

If you have social media profiles (!!!please tell me you do!!!???), then linking them to your website is a great way to have more people find and follow you on social media AND it makes you look professional and trustworthy.

website buttons for social media

Thanks again for stopping by I hope this website tip helped whether you are a blogger, a small business or a large business I suggest you double check that your social media buttons all work correctly.

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