What is a Conversion Funnel

What is a Conversion Funnel

what is a conversion funnel
what is a conversion funnel


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What is a Conversion Funnel

A conversion funnel is a slightly different type of sales funnel that encourages actions AFTER the sale is captured to retain and grow relationships with that client on an ongoing basis. A conversion funnel is a much longer term approach and can be much more successful than a traditional sales funnel that ends at the sale.

Courtesy of my friend Neil Patel

what is a traditional sales funnel

You can see the traditional funnel ends once the lead becomes a customer.

what is a conversion funnel
A Conversion Funnel

This model shows the theory that not only should you acquire leads, but also GROW CUSTOMERS. This sales model encourages your business to have strategies in place to continually engage with customers after the initial sale.

I can completely relate to this type of model because I have learned that the more energy I spend showing my existing (or past) clients how much I appreciate them, and cultivating that relationship long term, the more my business benefits. It becomes a perfect circle of referrals and support.

In this model you can use Social Media at pretty much every stage of the funnel. That is why social media is so incredibly important to your business success.

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