What is #TBT and How to Use it

What is #TBT and How to Use it

content tip for social media use #tbt to increase engagement

Social Media Tip – Use #TBT To Increase Engagement

What is #TBT? This is a popular hashtag used to celebrate “Throw back Thursday”. It is widely used to share OLD posts and is an awesome way to create engagement with your audience – and have some fun too! YES you should only share this type of content on Thursday.

Looking for content to use on #TBT? Look no further than your own photo albums (the picture used here is one of my brother and I getting ready for a road trip to Ottawa in the 80s in the back of our grandmother’s station wagon).

Alternatively you can search google and other sites like pinterest using the words “vintage” “antique” “original” etc.

Look for content that is relevant to your audience and industry.

#TBT is great content to source for posts on Thursdays and generally the hashtag will be trending that day on Twitter & Instagram. Also you can #ThrowBackThursday


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