Do you have goals for May?

What is your goal for May?

Do you have goals for May?

Day #126/365 : Always Set Goals!

It’s already May 10th – but just wondering if you set a goal for your business or for yourself personally each month? Perhaps you have goals on how many new social media followers you would like for the month on each platform? I always set a sales goal in dollars of how much new sales I would like to try to book in the month. Last month I met my goal and that was awesome. This month because I’m crazy – I doubled my goal! I love a challenge what can I say!!!???

I find it so critical for me to set goals, and then I LOVE to come up with strategies to work towards achieving my goals. And it feels so awesome when I meet them or exceed them.

Perhaps you have a goal to lose weight (yes please) or walk more (yes please)…..but the first step is to actually have a goal.

Do you have any goals for May? Comment below!

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