What to Post on Social Media During COVID19

What to Post on Social Media During COVID19

what to post on social media during covid19
What to post on social media during COVID19

We are literally experiencing history in the making. Never before has our generation experienced anything of this magnitude. Many businesses and brands are facing unchartered territory, and not sure how to navigate the uncertainty.

The Corona Virus Pandemic is sweeping across the World, causing entire country to completely shut down. We are uncertain hour to hour what the news will bring. How we manage our business and our social media in these times also needs to change, sometimes hour by hour.

It is clear that what you might have posted on social media even one week ago, is no longer appropriate. However it is highly suggested that you do not let your social media channels go “silent”. There are potential negative impacts of posting nothing. Plus you have a great opportinuty to maximize your connections and stay in touch with your audience in an entirely new way.

Here are some ideas on what types of posts you can share to your social media channels during the coming days and weeks ahead.

Updates on your Business Status

Stay in touch with your customers via social media and update them on the status of your business operations. Are you open? Closed? Limiting your hours? Offering alternative ways to do business? Using social media channels is an effective way to get this messaging out quickly in real time to your followers.

Community Updates

You have the opportunity to use your own social media channels to share updates that are relevant to your community such as local closures of schools, offices, etc. Make sure you use the hashtag for your town and if relevant tag community accounts.

Updates from other Businesses

This is a great opportunity to come together with your fellow business owners and share updates from other business accounts social media.

Information Articles for those Stuck at Home

Your audience is potentially now stuck at home perhaps working from home or with their children. Share articles, tips, and information on how they can keep busy and maximize their time at home. I.E. “How to Keep Your Children Learning at Home” “Activities to keep your kids busy while you try to work” etc. Perhaps even share some colouring pages, and activities.

Inspirational Posts

There is a lot of fear right now. Sharing motivational and inspirational messages to encourage kindness, hope, courage, and community is a great way to stay in touch with your audience and spread positivity.

Behind the Scenes

Post pictures of how you and your team are currently working. Behind the scenes photos offer your audience a glimpse into the human side of your business. Great type of post given these circumstances.

Industry Articles and Knowledge

It’s a great time for all of us to catch up on some education, and improve our knowledge whether to upgrade our skills or get up to date on industry trends. Share articles and education on your social media that pertains to your business.


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