Why Consistency is Key to Social Media Success

Why Consistency is Key to Social Media Success

why consistency is key to social media success

Why Consistency is Key to Social Media Success

What does it mean to be consistent and why is consistency key to social media success?  Here is the definition from the Merrium Webster Dictionary

Definition of consistent

1a: marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction

To be consistent in your marketing efforts has great benefits.  Posting consistently on social media will grow your business and your brand.  It establishes trust, grows the awareness of your business, so you are top of mind when a consumer is ready to make a purchasing decision.  Consistency in your visual branding and messaging will ensure that you are easily recognizable and always top of mind.

Here we will explore 3 benefits of being consistent in your social media marketing efforts:

  1. Trust
  2. Professionalism
  3. Branding

All of which will ultimately grow your business, gain more customers, and build your revenues.

consistency is what turns average into excellence



Consistency builds TRUST.  TRUST = reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.  

When you have a consistent social media strategy you build confidence in your business.  This is the reassurance to your customer or a potential customer that they can trust the ultimate service or product that you provide.  

If your social media profiles are not complete, or not the same logo from Facebook to Twitter – a consumer will notice this and wonder why.  It looks unprofessional and will not build trust.

Imagine you post 3 times a week for 6 months and then stop posting all together your social media profiles will look abandoned – what do you think that message says about your business.  Perhaps you are closed??  The key to success on social media is having consistent and professional looking profiles on all social media platforms.  Furthermore, posting consistently and engaging consistently will further solidify TRUST with your audience.


Create a long form bio and a short form bio for your social media accounts that use the same main words & message and make sure your profile pictures and cover pictures are the same on each social media platform.



Having social media profiles and content that are in harmony with each other will make your business look more professional.

When you optimize your social media platforms and you deliver great quality content on a regular basis this shows that your business is qualified, competent and professional.  

Engage, interact, and respond to all comments and questions immediately.  If you are looking at ways to increase your engagement on social media the quickest way is to engage on others social media yourself.

If you are not posting consistently, or do not have social media profiles completed this could look unprofessional and risk you losing out on business to competition that is using social media consistently.  



Most consumers now need to see content at least 10 times before they really retain it to memory.  Touch points to a purchase have grown dramatically with the increased us of digital platforms.  That is why showing up on a regular basis in the same way over and over again will help your company grow.

Clearly establishing your business as the leader in your market can quickly be done through brand awareness.  Being top of mind in your community and to your ideal client will build your business very quickly.  The process of branding is so important because it clearly defines who, what, where, and why your business exists.  It is your main visual identity and emotional identity.  Your brand is what others think of your company.  

Using the concept of consistency you can implement tactics in your marketing strategy that consistently show the world who you are.  This will help keep you top of mind.


Branding is the exercise of defining your business identity and then implementing this across every single avenue where an existing client or potential client might find you.  Signage, business cards, website, social media.

Consistent Branding on your social media profiles means your logo, cover photo, bio, story, about us, is all the same on each platform.  

Use similar images on your visual content such as your brand colours and font on social media posts.  Adding your logo to some posts or all is another way to show up in a consistent way on all social media platforms.

Clean, clear consistent branding will help your business stay top of mind and clearly express your messaging so you are top of mind for the consumer…..always.

Pro Tip:  Use a branded hashtag such as #SarahClarkeBiz or #DufferinMedia



if your goal is to grow your business then I hope now you can see why consistency is key for social media success.  Social Media is a tool that can grow the awareness of your business.  Consistency on social media is one of the keys to success that will allow potential customers to keep your business in the front of their mind so when they are ready to take action – your business is the one they call.

In marketing, it is said that a customer has to see an ad seven times to remember it. Marketers like to talk about “The Rule of Seven”: the idea that people need to see your marketing message seven times before they take action.  In social media I would argue this number is actually more like 11 because of how much content the average social media consumes on a daily basis.

For some industries the branding process can take longer, and the competition can be more fierce.  In the Real Estate Industry, for example, a potential seller may not be ready to sell for 2 years, but imagine they continually see your social media posts during that time.  This will establish trust, professionalism, and commit your brand to their memory. Then when they are ready to list – your name is at the forefront of their mind so they call you first.  Wow.  The power of social media + the power of branding + the power of consistency will benefit your business long term.


Social Media is NOT a short term commitment.  

Social Media is a digital ASSET of your business which needs to be invested in every single day.  As it grows and builds so does your business.  Day after day, month after month, year after year.

If you are interested in bringing more clarity and consistency to your digital marketing I would love to talk!  I currently offer a free 1/2 hour consultation as an introduction to my 5 weeks to success coaching program.  BOOK HERE


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