Social Media Consistency

Why Consistency is Key to Social Media Success

Consistency is key to your social media success!

I can't stress enough how much consistency will benefit your business.  Consistency in relation to your business means that your brand message is the SAME across all potential platforms.  Uniformity of your social media profiles in addition to uniformity of your social media content gives the following benefits:



Consistency builds TRUST.  reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.  When you have consistent social media you build confidence - this is the reassurance to your customer or a potential customer that they can trust the ultimate service or product that you provide.  

If your social media profiles are not complete, or not the same logo from Facebook to Twitter - a consumer will notice this and wonder why.

If you post 3 times a week for 6 months and then stop posting all together your social media profiles will look abandoned - what do you think that message says about your business.  Perhaps you are closed??



Consistent social media makes your business look professional!  Having strategically optimized social media platforms that are delivering great quality content gives the message that your business is qualified, competent and that you know what you are doing!



Branding is so important - it defines who,what,where,why your business exists.  What is your logo, your business name, your tagline, your colour scheme.  I can't tell you how many times I come across social media profiles where the business name does not even match the company name.  So confusing!  This is especially found in the following professions -

real estate, mortgage agents, medical professionals, dentists etc.

Branding is the exercise of defining your business identity and then implementing this across every single avenue where an existing client or potential client might find you.  Signage, business cards, website, social media.

Consistent Branding on your social media profiles means your logo, cover photo, bio, story, about us, is all the same on each platform.  And yes - business name.  (I know seems obvious right)

Branding on your social media content can be used to your benefit to - watermark the images you are sharing with your logo.  Go even further and brand your posts with key information you want to share.



Consistency allows potential customers to keep your business in the front of their mind so when they are ready to take action - your business is the one they call.

In marketing, it is said that a customer has to see an ad seven times to remember it. Marketers like to talk about “The Rule of Seven”: the idea that people need to see your marketing message seven times before they take action.

In some industries this takes even longer - but the cost per acquisition is much higher.  In real estate for example - a potential seller is not ready to sell for 2 years, but they continually see your social media posts during those 2 years - establishing trust, professionalism, and branding and when they are ready to list - your name is at the forefront of their brain so they call you first.  Wow.  The power of social media + the power of branding + the power of consistency will benefit your business long term.


Social Media is NOT a short term commitment.  This is an ASSET of your business which needs to be invested in every single day.  As it grows and builds so does your business.  If your goal is to sell your business - guess what?  Having a well established social media presence will increase the valuation of your business.  This is fact, I have personally witnessed this in multiple cases.



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