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Work Life Balance

social media manager

Guess spending a billion hours a day on either my computer or phone takes a toll on my body.  An old recurring injury has flared back up and it sucks.  So taking some advil and babying my hand/arm.  Hope it resolves soon – it has in the past.

Makes me think of how much time I spend online.  If I’m not working on tasks on my client’s social media I’m working on my own.  I love my job so much – I could spend MORE time working – alas there is laundry to do and groceries and meals.  How do you balance work / life as an entrepreneur?  I’ve been working from home this summer – my outside office is my favourite place in the whole world……despite bugs lol.  However I find distractions are hard to avoid working from home.  By the fall my goal is to be back in an office space where I can try to balance better my home/work life balance.

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