May 28th World Hunger Day

May 28th World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day

May 28th is World Hunger Day. As many of you know poverty and hunger is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. I raised in a financially insecure environment, and I witness poverty and hunger in my community every week. At my local food bank I am given a chance to give back to my community if even in a small way and hopefully help a few people that are hurting. Imagine though the statistics world wide in regards to hunger:



This years theme for World Hunger Day is Sustainability. (the below is from the World Hunger Day.org Social Media Kit)

On May 28, 2019, celebrate the 9th Annual World Hunger
Day! Together, we can raise awareness for the 821 million people living in chronic hunger
worldwide. World Hunger Days is a time to highlight the critical need for sustainable solutions to
hunger and poverty and to inspire everyone to be a part of the solution!
Hunger is not just about food. Hunger and poverty are inextricably linked to a nexus of issues
including: the rights of women and girls, income opportunities, health, education, social justice,
the environment and climate change. At the heart of all these issues is one thing: people.
The end of hunger and poverty is possible when solutions are community-led — by and for the
people living in conditions of chronic hunger, empowered as the agents of their own
development working toward lasting, sustainable systemic change.
That’s why this year’s theme for World Hunger Day is Sustainability.
Sustainability means different things to different communities. What does it mean to you?
During the month of May, and on World Hunger Day itself, we encourage communities,
individuals, organisations and businesses to use the hashtag #SustainabilityIs and tell the world
what sustainability means to you. Write a post, share a photo, or a video!

How You Can Help on World Hunger Day

  1. Spread Awareness – create or join conversation regarding World Hunger and the issues behind poverty and hunger. Use #WorldHungerDay and #SustainabilityIs #WHD2019
  2. Make a donation to World Hunger Day.org or any relevant organization of your choice

If you are interested in supporting the charity closest to my heart here is a link to the Canada Helps donation portal for the Orangeville Food Bank. A small monthly donation of even $5 or $10 goes an incredibly long way.



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